Maxi Night XL Sanitary Pads Bulk Box Set 17 Packets


Drion Maxi Night XL Bulk Sanitary Pads Box Set 17 Packets

Night Sanitary Pads Box Set includes:

17 Packets

Super Absorbent, Non Toxic, Superior Packaging, Contains Negative Ions, Contains FAR-IR.

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Night Sanitary Pads Bulk Box Set includes:

17 Packets

Drion Night Sanitary Pads Features

  1. Comfortable
  2. Super Absorbent
  3. Non Toxic
  4. Superior Packaging
  5. Contains Negative Ions
  6. Contains FAR-IR


NEGATIVE IONS in Sanitary Pads

The Negative Ion Strip sends out negative ions which will produce large quantities of oxygen. The oxygen produced will kill the bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with.

Negative ions will move up the womb through the vagina, improving blood circulation, therefore discharging the blood smoothly and more regularly.

Inflammation and odors are minimised.


FAR-IR in Pads

The FAR-IR creates additional warmth which increases the circulation of blood and helps repair the wall of the womb. The FAR-IR will also provide pain relief and through the removal of moisture helps prevent fungal propagation and minimises odors.


Drion Sanitary Pads Layers.jpgs
Drion Sanitary Pads Layers

Additional information

Weight 6500 g


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